August 5, 2018

This oil is GOOD enough to eat and GREAT for your skin! Talk about having your cake and eating it to. So lets  get in to some of the coconut magic! There are many reasons why coconut oil is all the rave these days and it is a staple for Brown Sugar Body & Co....

March 26, 2018

I'm not sure what direction this blog will take but here we go...

Do you ever feel like everyone is rooting against you? I believe we have all been there a time or two. I know for sure this has been a struggle for me lately and some of it

may even be in my own head due t...

March 22, 2018

Everyone has a fear of something, someone or even the unknown. Is it normal? Of course it is. What you choose to do with that fear is another story. Letting your fears get in the way of progress is a mistake that we have all made.  A decision not to do something based...

March 13, 2018

We all like the idea of getting a moment to ourselves to you know... to RELAX. But who has the time, money or energy (pun invented) to dedicate to regular visits to the spa? Surely NOT I! I've recently been able to take a few minutes here and there to do


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March 13, 2018

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