Coconut Oil is Your Skin's Best Friend

August 5, 2018

This oil is GOOD enough to eat and GREAT for your skin! Talk about having your cake and eating it to. So lets  get in to some of the coconut magic! There are many reasons why coconut oil is all the rave these days and it is a staple for Brown Sugar Body & Co. Click Here to view our products.


'Tis the Season for Dry skin...

Coconut oil is indisputably the best skin moisturizer around. Ideally, you want to boost up your skin routine during every season. We will throw on a coat to protect our bodies from the bitter cold but we forget all about our skin. (TISK TISK) Adding any one our moisturizing systems to your regimen is just what your skin needs. My personal favorite is one of our newest scents, High Tea.. Our body care systems will keep your skin smooth and vibrant with out leaving your skin oily. 


So, why is this oil so good for your skin?